Madras HC says Bar members and litigants must take court appointments seriously


Madras HC says Bar members and litigants must take court appointments seriously

MADURAI: Observing that the courts are doctors of bleeding rights, the Madras high court has told the members of the Bar and litigants that the appointment given by the court is as precious as an appointment a physician gives his patient.
JusticrB N Seshasayee observed that the Bar and the litigants need to realise that every time the courts give a posting for hearing their case, it is an appointment the courts give them. Professionalism of the Bar and the responsibility of the litigants should impel them to realise that no appointments with the courts are wasted.


Asking whether they would miss an appointment with their physician, the judge observed that it is time they realised that courts are doctors of injured rights and the appointments they grant them are honoured and made use of.
The judge observed that the problem of inadequate professionalism of the Bar, or plain irresponsibility of the litigants, or unmindful generosity of the courts that they themselves choose not to take the appointments that they have given the litigants seriously. The pathology of delay in disposal of cases lies somewhere in this malady.
“The court may not be solely responsible for this, but it cannot seek an exemption either. However, it is passed for, and derided as judicial delay. The same stakeholders who do not spare an opportunity to abuse and/or waste their appointments with the courts, and at times even with a design, blame them. With pain it has to be stated that, for the sin of a section of the Bar and the litigants, the courts are forced to carry the cross all alone, struggling to explain the delay for the disposal of cases to the citizens of this country all the time,” observed the judge.


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