5th august madras high court full list


In continuation to the instructions given in the Notification Nos.113/2020 dated
17.04.2020 and 143/2020 dated 13.07.2020, the following instructions are further issued:
I. Advocate/Party in person who intend to file Petitions/Appeals against Government
(State/Central) such as Writ Appeals, Writ Petitions, Criminal Original Petitions, are
requested to file the same along with sufficient number of copies of such case papers to
enable the Registry to circulate the advance copies of the papers to facilitate the Office of
the Additional Solicitor General of India/State Government Pleader/State Public
Prosecutor as the case may be.
II. Advocate/Party while exercising option of filing case papers through e-mail more
particularly against Government, upon receiving information from the Registry about
entertaining the case papers, may also send soft copy of the corrected case papers to the e-
mail id of the respective Law Officers in case of corrections/modifications made in such
case papers. They shall mention as “Corrected Copy” in the subject column of the e-mail.
High Court, Madras M.JOTHIRAMAN
Dated: 04.08.2020 Registrar (Judicial)

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