Madras High Court in the process of getting child-friendly chambers, says Chief Justice Sahi Hindu news Jaya TV video Cj speech

Madras High Court in the process of getting child-friendly chambers, says Chief Justice Sahi


Justice Sahi said these were measures to create a better atmosphere and help victims

We are now in the process of having child-friendly, separate chambers in order to assess evidence and find out as to how an incident did occur, said Madras High Court Chief Justice Amreshwar Pratap Sahi.
Speaking at the inauguration of the seventh international and eleventh biennial conference on ‘Emerging forms of victimisation: multi-disciplinary perspective’ at Stella Maris College on Friday, Justice Sahi said, “These are small measures which help in developing courage to the victim to come up with the truth. After all, the justice delivery system is nothing else but the search for truth. In order to find out the truth, methods should be evolved.”
Pointing to the emergence of the rights of the victim in modern society, Justice Sahi said there had to be certain measures and a better comfort zone, to be created in order to allow a pleasant atmosphere, a fearless atmosphere. “We should discuss values when we discuss victimisation,” he said.

“Today we do claim that in our systems we are civilised. But then the need of the hour is to discuss victimology. Victims and crimes are discussed side by side. In today’s modern world, with the evolution of society, we have many emerging forms of victimisation: domestic victimisation, victimisation of labour, victimisation on the strength of racism. These emerging forms of victimisation is a result of what? We will come to a common conclusion if not a unanimous conclusion. It is greed and depreciation of values that has led to this situation,” said Justice Sahi.
Stressing on the need for self-introspection on moral values, Justice Sahi said, “Moral science classes in our young days were compulsory. Today it is not even optional.”
“When your mind is gripped with violence, I believe, we forget ourselves. So the need of the hour is to remind yourself, self- introspect and again you have to link it with values. Every law becomes acceptable if it has the moral source behind it. But then morality and law are again a question of debate. It is here that the rights of the victim gain emergence in our modern society.”

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Explaining various aspects of victimisation and the reason for people to be perturbed now, Justice Sahi said, “In simple terms, I would say the most difficult task one can experience is to persuade the human mind to believe what is correct and to remove this perversity of mind. Perversity is nothing else but abuse of the intellectual gifts. They try to overawe a situation, putting you at a disadvantage and then try to use it for one’s own advantage. This is a form of violence of the human mind as I understand it. It is an unfortunate state that society is transforming at a very great pace. We are experiencing this stage from telephones, to computers, to laptops, to tablets, and now smart phones. These tools are helpful to us but are equally destructive when it comes to the intellectual abuse of mind.”
“We, every day, find cases and cases piling up now arising from crimes of the cyber world. Our laws are not sufficient to meet them. We have the Indian Evidence Act, where electronic evidence and its admissibility has now become a problem, yet Parliament and the Legislatures, have not been able to meet and cope with it,” said Justice Sahi.

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