Lordship s vaithiyanathan j 2nd message [5/1, 18:04] Sekarreporter1: [5/1, 11:01] S. Vaithiyanathan Judge Mhc: 01.05.2021. Dear friends, I have expressed my views one year ago about the seriousness of

[5/3, 18:30] Sekarreporter1: [5/1, 18:04] Sekarreporter1: Lordship s vaithiyanathan j 2nd message
[5/1, 18:04] Sekarreporter1: [5/1, 11:01] S. Vaithiyanathan Judge Mhc: 01.05.2021.
Dear friends, I have expressed my views one year ago about the seriousness of Covid pandemic. Many ignored and thought they were/are valiant to fight against the invisible enemy. Second wave started taking life of people and the time is not faraway in Delhi burying the bodies on the streets in front of their houses or flats. The mass oxygen manufacturers are trees which we have destroyed. It inhale Carbon-dioxide and exhale oxygen. The plants if any planted will take 50 years to attain proper shape of a tree, and many plants will die for want of water. Water scarcity in on the way as the plastics is going to prevent the earth from absorbing any water. Nature recycling is going to stop on account of our irresponsibility. This generation may see youngsters dying in presence of elders. It is a curse invited by us from nature. Nature’s retaliation now. Blaming any Government or Doctors is no answer. I wish that no political party will try to use this crisis to play gambling. My friend who is a Dr says that the wave will be there till 2025, and third and fourth wave will be there. Prevention is better than cure. We haven’t guarded. Atleast from now we ensure that nature is protected and suffer the pandemic with minimal deaths which is certain in the second wave. I am writing this as one of my cousin 55 years passed away due to Covid a month ago and her mother aged 80 is alive. Another one, survival chances bleak, and her mother aged 85 is alive. My another cousin’s husband in Hospitl due to Covid. Known family members viz., two advocates Govind and Krishnan (brothers), Children of late Vibhuti Subramanium Adv, lost their life in 48 hours leaving behind three daughters studying. MAY 2021 going to see spike. This year we are going to see known persons dying, you and I may also be victims. Every second person will be Corona carrier. Nature is not going to see rich or poor. The only protection is to protect ourselves, thereby helping others. If any one important creature for our existence disappears from earth, we can’t survive. If humans exit from the world, nature will thrive. We are in Kaliyug, days are not far off for the nature to further attack us for its welfare. We destroyed nature, it is the time for nature to give it back to us. Only way to protect ourselves appears to hide ourselves in residence and follow the precautions while moving out to our survival. Stay safe, clean and act bonafide in the welfare of all. Hope all of us see 2022.
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[5/3, 18:39] Sekarreporter1: vaithiyanathan –Write up on 26.3.2020, one year back.
Dear friends, Ensure safety. Cleanliness and distancing a must. Many youngsters felt Grandma’s advice was foolish and started saying she was preaching untouchability and colourable exercise of a particular religion. All religions preach good things, but we fail to understand grandma’s hidden scientific preaches which, even, she never knew as she followed elders footsteps blindly. Now it is not too late. Cleanliness was one of that hidden scientific preaching. If virus attacks us we cannot sustain. India may face difficult situation. Please , each one, do help yourselves and in that process help the others. Our situation will be worse than Italy if we don’t take safety precautions, not only now, but also in future. Each individual should ensure that we live free from pollution and diesease till our last BREATH. Famine and water crisis are on the way as we have destroyed the nature viz agricultural lands and water bodies.

My dear friends, I spoke to one of my friend who is a Dr. He said that many are unaware of the consequences of corona virus. Indian population has exploded. Indian hospitals are not fully equipped if virus is going attack lakhs of people. Drs will decide who to be saved and who should die, and blaming Drs, for us having not taken responsibility to take care of everyone, is a foolish act. No sufficient ventilators, hospitals may face shortage of oxygen, bed, etc. If more than two family members are affected and Drs say only one can be saved, what would be conditions of the other family members who get this information. Not only that, after death also, the dead person will spread other infections as there are no sufficient cremation grounds. People will have to stand in queue or samasti cremation. Some of the words appears to be harsh or unrealistic, but after the virus struck Italy, and after seeing the situation, I feel prevention is better than getting affected and spreading it to others. Many are unaware that they are the carrier of corona virus. Please be careful. Arasan andru kolvan, Deivam nindru kollum. Now it is nature’s game as nature require its space, atmosphere, water bodies and the like. None of us can challenge nature and it is advisable that we sail with nature to bring normalcy. Nature is the owner of the land, etc and we are on leasehold and no science have won the battle and nature alone can win the war.

Friends, I am really scared, unhappy and shocked with the crowd gathering in India, more so in TN. No one appears to have realised the consequences of corona virus. Many Indians who are roaming is unable accept the truth that Yama is waiting at the doorsteps. If corona spreads, death may be certain as we have no sufficient hospital that have ventilators, beds, etc. Finally, one political party or the other will blame the Government without stating that the residents invited corona by not following the directions and they are solely responsible for the virus struck. We played with nature and it is for the nature to give it back to us striking in the form of virus. It is kaliyug and we will not correct ourselves even if we come out of the present situation with minimal casualties. We will continue to destroy the nature to invite more inescapable situation at a later date. The victims are our next generation if our next generation escapes the present situation. TV NEWS reports more than 443 death at Spain and 143 deaths in Iran (single day). Consider the present situation is not conducive for socialization, except resting at home to avoid rest in peace.

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