[5/3, 13:23] rabu Manogar: Today 30 families belonging to Dobhi community in Choolaimedu who were suffering for want of food for their families were given Grocery items like 10Kgs of rice,Dhal oil etc for 30 families. The groceries costing Rs 30,000 was sponsored by the sister member of the MBA Smt. AL Gandhmathi. Apart from her contribution to the lawyers. she was kind enough to come forward to help the 30 families in this turbulent part of their lives. The 30 families of the Dobhi community literally conveyed their thanks to her. May God bless her and her family for her generosity 🙏🏼👇🏼 [5/3, 13:37] Sekarreporter: 🌹🌹

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