Vijaya Dasami message of Justice S.Vaidyanathan

[10/15, 20:19] Sekarreporter:
[10/15, 20:19] Sekarreporter: : Vijaya Dasami message of Justice S.Vaidyanathan.
: Dussehra, a ten day festival encapsulates the victory of good over evil. The mythology in South is that, Goddess Durga killed Demon Mahishasura and in North, it is believed that Rama killed a ten headed Demon King Ravana. Today is the 10th day of Dussehra, popularly known as Vijaya Dasami in remembrance of triumph in the battle by the good over evil. Both good and evil spirits are in existence within us and every day is a Vijay Dasami for those, who control the evil character within us, whenever it uncovers its real face and only then, negative consequences could be avoided, so as to lead our life in a best manner. On this auspicious day, we must take a resolution that we should be a role model to others and ensure that we leave good footsteps for others to follow. I conclude with a message that two things are permanent in this world, one is ‘change’ and the other one is ‘our disappearance from this World to the eternity’.

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