Senior advt m ravinthiren —Dear Sekar,          I am sending a note on the achievements of Shri.K.Parasaran, Senior Advocate. Mr.Parasaran


Dear Sekar,          I am sending a note on the achievements of Shri.K.Parasaran, Senior Advocate. Mr.Parasaran was born on 9th October 1927, he was enrolled as Advocate in the Madras High Court in 1950 and in the Supreme Court of India in 1958. He held the office of Advocate General of Tamil Nadu during 1976 – 77. He was appointed as Solicitor General of India in 1980  and held that office till 09.08.1983 on which date he was appointed as Attorney General for India. He held that office till 1989.

He was appointed as head of the Indian team to represent Union of India on behalf of the victims of Bhopal Gas leak disaster in 1984 in the proceedings against Union Carbide. He was appointed as a Member of the Permanent court of Arbitration at the Hague. He was nominated as the member of the National Commission for review of the working of the Constitution of India.

He was awarded Padma Bhushan in 2003.
He was awarded Padma Vibushan in 2011.

In recognition of his contribution for the development of constitutional law. The Hon’ble Chief Justice of India and Judges of the Supreme Court presented an award in 2016.

He was nominated as Member of Rajya Sabha from 2012 to 2018.
He has appeared in the following landmark cases decided by Supreme Court of India on important Constitutional issues
1.           Golak Nath Vs State of Punjab, (1967) 2 SCR 762, 788 which dealt with the scope of Amending power of Parliament under the Indian Constitution.
2.           Maru Ram Vs Union of India, (1981) 1 SCC 107 which dealt with exercise of discretionary power by the executive.

3.           R.K. Garg Vs Union of India, (1981) 4 SCC 675 which dealt with considerations while judging constitutionality of economic legislation.

4.           S.P. Gupta Vs Union of India, 1981 Supp. SCC 87 popularly known as the Judges’ Transfer case (1st Judges’ case).

5.           S.P. Mittal Vs Union of India, (1983) 1 SCC 51 which dealt with religious freedom and the meaning of “religious denomination under the Indian Constitution.

6.           Sheonandan Paswan Vs State of Bihar, (1983) 1 SCC 438 which dealt with withdrawal from prosecution by Public Prosecutor.

7.           Hoechst Pharmaceuticals Vs State of Bihar, (1983) 4 SCC 45 which involved a complex constitutional issue of repugnancy between State and Central Laws.

8.           Union of India Vs Bombay Tyre International Ltd., (1984) 1 SCC 467 which dealt with the question of post manufacturing expenses under the Central Excise Act.

9.           LIC Vs Escorts Ltd., (1986) 1 SCC 264 which dealt with the applicability of Article 14 of the Constitution of India in cases where an instrumentality of State is a shareholder in a company.

10.        Indian Express Newspapers Vs Union of India, (1985) 1 SCC 641 which is a celebrated case on freedom of press

11.        Sampath Kumar Vs Union of India, (1987) 1 SCC 124 which dealt with constitutionality of Administrative Tribunals Act, 1985

12.        Kehar Singh Vs Union of India, (1989) 1 SCC 204 which dealt with power of President to grant pardon.

13.        Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Assn. of India Vs Union of India, (1989) 3 SCC 634 which propounded the Doctrine of Aspect of legislation of Parliament and State legislation in the context of legislative competence.

14.        Indra Sawhney Vs Union of India, 1992 Supp (3) SCC 217 popularly known as the “Mandal case” which dealt with reservations for OBCs.

15.        Gannon Dunkerley and Co. Vs State of Rajasthan, (1993) 1 SCC 364 which is a case relating to tax on transfer of property in goods involved in execution of works contract

16.        Unni Krishnan Vs State of A.P, (1993) 1 SCC 645 which is a landmark case on right to education

17.        R.C. Poudyal Vs Union of India, 1994 Supp (1) SCC 324 a landmark case on election law which dealt with provision of reservation in Sikkim State Assembly

18.        Supreme Court Advocates-on-Record Assn. Vs Union of India, (1993) 4 SCC 441 which is famously known as the Judges’ Appointment case (2nd Judges’ case).

19.        S.R. Bommai Vs Union of India, (1994) 3 SCC 1 which is a landmark judgment on Emergency under Article 356 of Constitution of India which talks about promulgation by President in case of failure of Constitutional Machinery in a State.

20.        T.N. Seshan Vs Union of India, (1995) 4 SCC 611 which is a landmark judgment on the functioning of the Election Commission and CECs.

21.        Mafatlal Industries Ltd. Vs Union of India, (1997) 5 SCC 536 which dealt with the Doctrine of Unjust Enrichment in the context of claim for refund of tax paid.

22.        J. Jayalalitha Vs M. Chenna Reddy, (1998) 8 SCC 601 which involved an important question of law as to whether the Governor of a State was the appropriate authority to grant sanction for prosecution of Chief Minister.

23.        In Re: Presidential Reference, (2002) 8 SCC 237 which was a reference by the President to the Supreme Court of India regarding the Gujarat Assembly Elections.

24.        T.M.A. Pai Foundation Vs State of Karnataka, (2002) 8 SCC 481 which is a landmark judgment on right to administer private unaided minority educational institutions.

25.        P. A. Inamdar Vs State of Maharashtra, (2005) 6 SCC 537 another landmark judgment on right to administer private educational institutions.

26.        M. Nagaraj Vs Union of India, (2006) 8 SCC 212 a landmark case on reservation for SCs and STs, which dealt with application of “creamy layer” to SCs and STs in addition to OBCs.

27.        Ashoka Kumar Thakur Vs Union of India, (2008) 6 SCC 1 which is another landmark decision on reservations for OBCs.

28. He appeared in the Sabarimala Case and 29.Ayodhya Case.

The achievements mentioned above will clearly indicate that Shri.K.Parasaran richly deserves the award of Bharat Ratna.


Senior Advocate,
Former Addl. Solicitor General of India
New No.51, Old No.24, Harrington Road,
Chetpet, Chennai – 600 031.
044 28363645, 28363839




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