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[3/5, 16:20] Sekarreporter 1: A Delhi Court on Thursday issued fresh death warrant in the Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case for the execution of death sentences by hanging by the neck of four convicts on March 20 at 6 M.

“It is hereby directed that convicts will now be hanged by neck till death on March 20, 6am”, Additional Sessions Judge Dharmender Rana of Patila Court Courts ordered in the application moved by Tihar Jail authorities for fresh death warrant.

The convicts were earlier scheduled to be hanged on March 3. But that was postponed until further orders by ASJ Dharmender Rana on March 2 on the ground that mercy petition of Pawan Kumar Gupta was pending.

On Tuesday, Pawan’s mercy plea was rejected by the President.

After that, the present petition was moved under section 413 of Criminal Procedure Code, stating that mercy petitions of all the four convicts, namely Mukesh, Vinay, Pawan, and Akshay, have been rejected by the President of India.

Therefore, there’s no application pending on behalf of any of the convicts before any court.

The application also talked about the High Court order in the revision petition moved the Centre, wherein a period of 7 days have been given to the convicts to exhaust all their legal remedies.

A fresh death warrant was sought on the ground that, as on today, none of the petitions of any of the convicts is pending before any court or constitutional authority, and accordingly, nothing survives as on today.

On January 7, the first common death warrant was issued against the four convicts, and the date of execution was set for January 22. However, the said date had to be postponed to February 1, by an order dated January 17, due to the subsequent developments in the legal remedies exercised by the convicts

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