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[6/14, 14:46] Sekarreporter1:
[6/15, 07:29] Sekarreporter1:
[6/15, 09:58] Sekarreporter1: முன்னாள் அமைச்சர்களுக்கு எதிரான ஊழல் புகார்.. சபாநாயகர் தொடர்ந்த வழக்குகள் வாபஸ்
[6/15, 09:58] Sekarreporter1:
[6/15, 11:33] Sekarreporter1: [6/15, 11:33] Sekarreporter1:
[6/15, 11:33] Sekarreporter1: [6/15, 10:54] Sekarreporter1: [6/15, 08:33] Kabilan Mhc Advt: PIL filed before MDU Bench seeking Relief for Deaths due to COVID Disaster is listed Today before FIRST BENCH in Madras….
[6/15, 10:51] Kabilan Mhc Advt: The Hon’ble FIRST BENCH was pleased to Admit the PIL WP(MD) 9858 of 2021 seeking 2nd Respondent State Disaster Management Authority (TN-SDMA) to make ex gratia payment assistance to families of those who lost a member by death due to COVID Disaster….on the strength of the 2 SC Judgments that

(1) held Guidelines published pursuant to Statutory Provision are Statutory Guidelines and have Statutory force of Law…. in 2010 (10) SCC 1 and

(2) held that the Sec.12 Guidelines published prior to COVID (Feb-2016) and the Items and Norms for Assistance of Union Home Ministry (08-04-2015) are applicable to the present COVID-19 Disaster…. Judgement delivered by SC on 18-08-2020 in WP(C) 546 of 2020.

Bench ordered the Respondents to file the Counter-Affidavit and list the matter after 4 weeks from today.
[6/15, 11:27] Sekarreporter1: 🙏🏼
[6/15, 12:38] Sekarreporter1:
[6/15, 12:39] Sekarreporter1:
[6/15, 14:57] Sekarreporter1:

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