Meera Bar Bench: [12/1, 07:39] Sekarreporter1: Crl.OP.No.18337 of 2020 Prayer:- Criminal Original Petition filed

[12/1, 07:39] Sekarreporter1: [11/30, 19:31] Meera Bar Bench:
[12/1, 07:39] Sekarreporter1: Crl.OP.No.18337 of 2020
Prayer:- Criminal Original Petition filed under Section 482 of the
Code of Criminal Procedure seeking for a direction to direct the
respondents to register a case against Mr.C.S.Karnan and
Dr.M.Dhanasekaran based on the complaint of the petitioner dated
For Petitioner : Mr.S.Prabhakaran
Senior Advocate assisted by
For Respondents : Mr.S.Karthikeyan
Additional Public Prosecutor
[Order of the Court was made by M.SATHYANARAYANAN, J.]
(1)This Court, in continuation and in conjecture with the earlier order
dated 23.11.2020, is passing the following order.
(2)Mr.S.Prabhakaran, learned Senior Advocate assisted by
Mr.C.K.Chandrasekaran, learned counsel for the petitioner has drawn
the attention of this Court to the counter affidavit dated 30.11.2020,
filed by the 2
respondent herein, viz., the Commissioner of Police and
made the following submissions:-
● The complaint of Ms.Devika, Advocate, dated 25.10.2020 sent
through online, was registered as a case in Crime No.294 of 2020
[12/1, 07:41] Sekarreporter1: Crl.OP.No.18337 of 2020
respectively and admitted the commission of the offence. In paragraph
No.15 of the counter affidavit, it is stated that the investigation of the
case is in progress.
(11)It is very pertinent to point out at this juncture that if a preventive
action would have been taken at an appropriate time, videos numbering
33, would not have been uploaded and it also appears that incalculable
damage has been done to the honour and reputation of the former
Judges as well as some of the Sitting Judges of the Apex Court as well
as this Court and that apart, to their family members, especially, the
(12)In the light of the above facts and circumstances, especially in the light
of the order dated 29.01.2020 made in Crl.OP.No.34166 of 2019, this
Court requires the presence of respondents 1 and 2 for rendering
necessary and effective assistance to this Court.
(13)Call on 07.12.2020 at 2.15 p.m. through physical hearing. On that
day, respondents 1 and 2, viz., the Director General of Police as well
as the Commissioner of Police, shall personally remain present
before this Court with all necessary and relevant documents, to
render necessary and effective assistance to this Court.
[12/1, 07:41] Sekarreporter1: Crl.OP.No.18337 of 2020
(14)The two statements of Mr.C.S.Karnan dated 26.11.2020 and
28.11.2020 respectively, submitted by the learned Additional Public
Prosecutor, shall be kept in the sealed covers and be in the custody of
the Registrar [Judicial] of this Court and it shall be produced before this
Court on the next date of hearing, i.e., on 07.12.2020.
NOTE:-Communicate the above order to the respondents and also upload
the same in the website.
1.The Director General of Police
Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai
Mylapore, Chennai 600004.
2.The Commissioner of Police
No.132, Commissioner Office Building
EVK Sampath Road, Vepery
Chennai 600 007.
3.Assistant Commissioner of Police
Cyber Crime Cell,
Commissioner Office Complex
Vepery, Chennai 600 007.
4.The Public Prosecutor
High Court, Madras.
COPY TO:- The Registrar [Judicial], High Court, Madras.

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