Justice d .krishna kumar j patta transfer batch full order read

dkj Patta transfer

[8/23, 14:58] Sekarreporter 1: W.P.(MD)Nos.7746 of 2020 & batch cases
W.P.(MD)Nos.7746, 6308, 8659, 8373 of 2020
& 22506, 1628 & 5920 of 2019 &
18676, 3416, 25497, 25503, 23730,
21569, 2613, 2448, 1986 & 20163 of 2019
Heard the learned counsel appearing for the petitioners and
Mr.K.Chellapandian, learned Additional Advocate General appearing for the
2.According to the petitioners, all these Writ Petitions being filed with the
prayer that the authorities have not considered their applications with regard to
issuance of transfer of patta and they are pending for several months / years.
3.The Government has issued several Government Orders with regard to
patta transfer and the same reads as follows:
i) As per the recommendation of the High Level Committee constituted
under the Chairmanship of Justice Thiru G.Ramanujam, with regard to patta
transfer that “Reconciliation of relevant entries in the Taluk office with these in
the Sub-Registrars office should be done systematically once in a month so that
[8/23, 14:58] Sekarreporter 1: W.P.(MD)Nos.7746 of 2020 & batch cases
(v) The Commissioner of Land Administration is directed to
file a report with regard to conduct of review meeting and action
taken for not obeying the orders, as stated in paragraph No.7 of the
status report.
(vi) Further, the Commissioner of Administration has also to
ensure that there shall be co-ordination between the Surveyor and the
Village Administrative Officer for effectively processing the
applications and file a report to the Zonal Deputy Tahsildar.
(vii) A report has to be filed with regard to the re-assessment
of UDR Scheme which was evaluated in the year 1983.
14. All the learned counsel appearing for the petitioners shall serve the
copy of the applications to the learned Additional Advocate General or the
Special Government Pleader on or before 21.08.2020. In the meantime, the
petitioners’ application shall also be processed and submit the report before this
Court by the concerned authority.
15. Post these matters on 14.09.2020 at 02.15 p.m.

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