Illyaraja case advts interview

[12/28, 20:59] Sekarreporter1: [12/28, 20:58] Sekarreporter1:
[12/28, 20:58] Sekarreporter1: [12/28, 20:56] Sekarreporter1: Advocates Commissioners completed the proceedings . All things of Dr. Ilayaraja was handed over to his representatives . The report in the media that his room was demolished is not correct. It was modified a year ago and converted as IT room, the same was informed to the Hon’ble Highcourt , the court also mentioned the same in its order . Dr. Ilayaraja did not visit prasad studio for the reasons best known to him. All things were handed over to his representatives . All proceedings were videographed and photos were taken. All his wards were neatly packed and was kept in a room. Advocate commissioners noted the same . Padma award was not dumped outside the room. It was taken by his representatives and was kept outside to load it in their car. That photo was circulated to create sensation. There is no truth in it.
[12/28, 20:56] Sekarreporter1: 🌹☘️
[12/28, 20:59] Sekarreporter1: [12/28, 20:59] Sekarreporter1:
[12/28, 20:59] Sekarreporter1: Illayaraja took all instruments from studio advts abdul saleem elambarathi interview
[12/28, 21:03] Sekarreporter1:




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