HC amends injunction granted against vlogger

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HC amends injunction granted against vlogger
Legal Correspondent
CHENNAI 13 AUGUST 2020 00:27 IST
UPDATED: 13 AUGUST 2020 00:27 IST

The Madras High Court on Wednesday amended a blanket interim injunction issued on July 29 restraining Madurai-based vlogger Maridhas from publishing on the social media any kind of defamatory or derogatory messages against TV18 Broadcast Limited and former Senior Editor M. Gunasekaran of its Tamil news channel, News 18 Tamil Nadu.

Justice C.V. Karthikeyan clarified that the vlogger could henceforth publish messages on the social media only after seeking the views of the plaintiffs, who had filed a joint civil suit claiming damages of ₹1.5 crore for the messages published already, wait for 48 hours for their reply and then carry their response also along with his views on the subject.

The modification was made at the instance of senior counsel Satish Parasaran representing the vlogger. During the hearing, plaintiff’s advocate Anirudh Krishnan pointed out that the court had not only restrained the vlogger from publishing videos in the future but it had also directed him to pull down the defamatory videos that were already uploaded.


“Though the previous videos have been removed from YouTube, they continue to be available on Facebook and Twitter,” he complained. In reply, Mr. Parasaran said his client had pulled down whatever he could remove. Intervening at this point, the judge said the plaintiffs could take out an appropriate application if the court order had been violated.

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