Fake reporter case full order by (N.K.K.,J.) (P.V.,J.) 05.02.2020

[2/5, 18:43] Sekarreporter 1: W.P.Nos.32091 & 31647 of 2019
(Order of the Court was made by N.KIRUBAKARAN,J.)
It is submitted by Mr.E.Manoharan, learned Special Government Pleader that
dailies and periodicals are registered with ‘The Registrar of Newspapers for
India’ and no registration is required with the State Government. Therefore,
“The Registrar of Newspapers for India, 9th Floor, Soochna Bhawan, Lodhi
Road, CGO Complex, New Delhi, Delhi 110003″ and “Union of India, rep. by its
Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Room No.552, A Wing,
Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi-110001″ are Suo motu, implead as respondents 12
and 13 in the proceedings.
2.Mr.G.Karthikeyan, learned Assistant Solicitor General takes notice on behalf
of the newly impleaded respondents 12, 13 and 6th respondent. Registry is
directed to print the name of Mr.A.P.Surya Prakasam for 11th respondent and
print the name of tenth respondent viz., “Audit Bureau of Circulations (India),
4th Floor, Wakefiled House, SS Ram Gulam Marg, Ballard Estate, Fort,
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India” in the cause list.
3.Mr.A.P.Suryaprakasam, learned Counsel for the 11th respondent would
submit that Dr.B.J.Thanika who claims to be the State Secretary of Tamil
Nadu Press and Media Reporters Union intends to implead himself as party to
the proceedings to assist the Court which would enable this Court to give
appropriate directions. Hence, “Dr.B.J.Thanika, having office at 72/41,
[2/5, 18:43] Sekarreporter 1: Mosque Street, Saidapet, Chennai 600015″ is suo motu impleaded as 14th
4.It is evident from the typed set of papers filed by newly impleaded
respondents 15 to 19 that fake press identity cards have been issued in the
name of ‘All India Anti Corruption Press, Ministry of Information and
Broadcasting, Government of India’. The learned Special Government Pleader
would submit that even after search, they could not find any such body in the
said name. This Court is of the view that search is not necessary as the name
itself proves that it is a fake press body. It is seen that about 100 press identity
cards have been issued under the said name. Hence, the learned Public
Prosecutor is to ask the police to investigate and find out the persons who are
holding such identity cards and take criminal action if they are found to be
misusing the name of Government of India under the relevant act.
5.Today, an affidavit has been filed by the fourth respondent and the same is
taken on file. Likewise, an affidavit has been filed by the fifth
respondent/Government stating that there are 226 Journalists Associations
registered in Tamil Nadu and an additional status report has been filed by the
first respondent stating that there are 204 cases registered against the
journalists throughout the State.
6.All the served respondents are directed to file their counter and the details
sought for on the next hearing. Post the matter on 12.02.2020.
(N.K.K.,J.) (P.V.,J.)

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