[5/11, 18:56] Sekarreporter: https://twitter.com/sekarreporter1/status/1259837118991523845?s=08 [5/11, 18:56] Sekarreporter: [5/11, 18:50] Justice K Kannan: While it is remarkable that HC passed compensation orders in transfer petition, I shudder to think if this must become a new practice. Passing orders on consent of counsel on WhatsApp affirmation from counsel or parties about the quantum of compensation will serve insurance co.panies well but there is a lurking danger of the parties staying completely ignorant of these orders. [5/11, 18:55] Justice K Kannan: During my tenure in RCT, I unearthed a massive fraud in Patna Bench when more than 80 crores of compensation money was pocketed by th judge in syndicate with a handful of lawyers in syndicate. The judge was dismissed from service after enquiry before Lalit.j

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