Coronavirus: Madras HC Chief Justice AP Sahi pens letter urging lawyers, litigants to practice social distancing, avoid crowding in Courts

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Coronavirus: Madras HC Chief Justice AP Sahi pens letter urging lawyers, litigants to practice social distancing, avoid crowding in Courts

Rintu Mariam Biju
Mar 20, 2020, 5:34 PM IST

The Chief justice of Madras High Court, AP Sahi has written a letter requesting all lawyers, litigants and visitors to practice social distancing and avoid crowding, particularly in Court premises, in light of the widespread Coronavirus outbreak.

In his letter, Chief Justice Sahi emphasises on the need for caution, to resolutely act together and restrain physical movement as “as every life counts and no one is expendable.”
Further, the letter highlights that such thoughts should be borne in mind to persuade people “to believe that distancing and avoiding crowds is one of the best possible corrective and preventive measures that can be easily undertaken to meet this medical emergency.”
Adding on, Chief Justice Sahi further states that, while social distancing may appear to be onerous, the severity of the situation demands the same.
Reaffirming the old adage “prevention is better than cure“, CJ Sahi states that maintaining distance with one another and avoiding congestion are the most essential steps to be undertaken given the circumstances. Avoidance of close association is with an object to help others by curbing the spread of Corona virus, Chief Justice Sahi points out.

“Prevention is the diagnosis of the hour and the remedy is to avoid congestion and maintain distance. We have to realise that we can now care for ourselves and for others by maintaining a distance howsoever paradoxical it might appear to us. Avoidance of close association and contact is to help others. That may be seem to be a bit tightening and too stringent but we should realise that all over the world such measures have been found to be an immediate indispensable to save lives.”
Chief Justice AP Sahi
On a concluding note, Chief Justice Sahi has stated that undertaking these steps to combat the fast spreading viral infection is not just the responsibility of the government but also of every individual.
Recently, following various meetings on the issue, the Madras High Court has issued a series of notifications intimating that it would be restricting its functioning from March 18onwards to minimise the risk of spreading the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Among other measures, it was decided that the Final Hearing Cause List shall remain suspended for three weeks and that only urgent matters on would be taken up on mentioning.
[Read Chief Justice AP Sahi’s letter 

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