Surplus teachers full order M.SATHYANARAYANAN, J. AND R.SURESH KUMAR , J. COMMON ORDER (Order of this Court was made by R.SURESH KUMAR, J.)


[8/20, 20:24] Sekarreporter 1: W.A.(MD) Nos.76 of 2019, etc. batch
W.A.(MD) Nos.76, 225, 495, 701, 918, 919, 1074, 1277, 1354, 1517, 1525,
1565, 1566 of 2019, 96, 1150, 1473, 1531, 1612, 1461 of 2018, 6, 15 of 2020,
W.P. (MD). 4816, 11155 of 2017, 1152, 9947, 10187, 10188, 21430, 21699,
23869, 24688, 25020 of 2018, 7471, 11117, 16785, 24026, 23444, 25272,
31575 of 2019, 1183, 1208, 1544, 5098, 5594, 6678, 8275, 8450, 9564 of 2020,
C.M.P.(MD) No.10589 of 2018 in W.A.(MD) SR. No.41983 of 2018, C.M.P.
(MD) No..8935 of 2019 in W.A. (MD) SR.66493 of 2019, C.M.P. (MD) Nos.
9437 to 9439 of 2019 in W.A. (MD) SR. Nos.58470, 58527 and 58521 of
2019, C.M.P. (MD) No.10589 of 2019 in W.A. (MD) SR. 76334 of 2019,
C.M.P. (MD) No.11602 of 2019 in W.A. (MD) No. SR.78014 of 2019 and
W.A.(MD) SR No.76334 of 2019. C.M.P.(MD) No.74 of 2020 in W.A.(MD)
SR.No.88725 of 2019
(Order of this Court was made by R.SURESH KUMAR, J.)
During the last hearing, i.e. on 05.08.2020, after having some
preliminary hearing with both side counsel, this Court identified certain core
issues as well as ancillary issues and in this regard, we raised certain questions
to be answered by the State Government. That apart, we also wanted either the
Chief Secretary or Secretary to Government, Education Department,
Government of Tamil Nadu to file affidavit on certain issues.
[8/20, 20:25] Sekarreporter 1: W.A.(MD) Nos.76 of 2019, etc. batch
discussed today, the learned Advocate General would submit that, he would
come with some suggestive measures to arrive at a solution.
8.In view of the above, since, the learned Advocate General needs
atlease a week time to respond, we are inclined to give one week time to the
Government to respond as indicated above. Accordingly, we direct the Registry
to call these batch of cases on 27.08.2020 at 03.00 p.m. A copy of this
proceedings shall be uploaded in the website tomorrow and the copy of
proceedings shall be transmitted to the learned Advocate General through the
electronic mode.
(M.S.N.,J.) (R.S.K.,J.)
Index: Yes/No 20.08.2020
Internet: Yes/No
Note: (i) In view of the present lock down owing to
COVID-19 pandemic, a web copy of the order may be
utilized for official purposes, but, ensuring that the copy
of the order that is presented is the correct copy, shall
be the responsibility of the advocate/litigant concerned.
(ii) Upload the copy of the order in the official
website of this Court.
(iii)Copy shall be addressed to Mr.Vijay
Narayan,Advocate General, High Court, Madras.

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