Sekarreporter 1: [11/19, 16:15] Sekarreporter 1: [11/19, 16:11] Sekarreporter 1:

  1. [11/19, 16:15] Sekarreporter 1:
    [11/19, 16:15] Sekarreporter 1: [11/19, 16:11] Sekarreporter 1:
    [11/19, 16:12] Sekarreporter 1: Chennai (ILNS): A seemingly agitated Bar Council of Tamil Nadu today asked the Madras High Court bench that how is it that action is not being taken against former High Court Judge CS Karnan for his allegedly derogatory posts on social media against women and the judiciary. The court has now directed the blocking of derogatory remarks by Karnan on social media.

The bar council has moved a criminal petition in court, seeking action against the former judge.

Arguments were placed before Justice T. Ravindran today by Senior Advocate S Prabhakaran for the Bar Council. The judge then referred the matter to a Division Bench already hearing a writ petition moved by the Council in this matter.

During arguments, Senior Advocate Prabakaran asked the bench: “What is this Milord? Our judiciary is it so weak that it is unable to defend itself and its own learned brothers? That is our unfortunate plight.”

The contention is that despite the court’s earlier instructions, Karnan’s posts continue to come over social media. The lawyer pleaded that even if the former judge cannot be arrested, at least the person uploading the posts should be.

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