Retired DGP moves HC seeking advance bail

Retired DGP moves HC seeking advance bail
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UPDATED: 24 OCTOBER 2020 01:13 IST
Actor had accused him of cheating
Retired Director General of Police W. Ramesh Kudawala, 61, has approached the Madras High Court, seeking anticipatory bail in a case booked against him and others for allegedly cheating film actor Soori in the purchase of an immovable property at Siruseri for ₹5.76 crore.

The petitioner apprehended that the police might arrest and “compel” him to admit to the offence, though he had nothing to do with the transaction. He also said that the reported transaction was civil in nature and would not attract any penal provision under criminal law.

The former police officer said his son Vishnu Vishal was a film actor, managing his professional and financial activities on his own. The petitioner also asserted that he had never interfered in the professional activities of his son.


Mr. Soori, in a police complaint, claimed that the petitioner had approached him for playing a comic role in a movie, titled Veera Theera Suran, in which his son was to play the lead role. He further claimed that his remuneration was fixed at ₹40 lakh.

Though the movie was to be originally produced by V.R. Anbuvel Rajan of AVR Productions, it was later decided that it would be produced under the banner of Vishnu Vishal Productions. It was also stated in the complaint that the movie was renamed as Kadhanayagan.

According to the actor, he was not paid any remuneration for 32 additional days of shooting that took place after a change in the production house. In the meantime, Mr. Kudawala reportedly enticed the actor to invest in real estate.

Landlocked property

Claiming that he had purchased the property through Mr. Rajan, in the belief that the latter was Mr. Kudawala’s business associate, Mr. Soori stated that only after the purchase did he come to know that the property was landlocked and had no approach road.

After extracting contents of the complaint in his advance bail petition, the retired DGP claimed he had no connection, whatsoever, with the alleged transaction.

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