NOTIFICATION NO. 159 / 2020 I. Urgent Motions and Admissions in Commercial Appellate Division Appeals from Commercial Division of High Court (Other than Admiralty, Arbitration and Intellectual Property Matters) Commercial Appellate Division Appeals from Commercial Courts, to be heard by Division Bench All other Appellate Side Cases to be heard by a Division Bench which are not specifically assigned to any other Division Bench Tax Cases arising from Direct Tax Laws (like Income Tax Act, Wealth Tax Act) – from the year 2018 Original Side Appeals – upto the year 2017 also will be listed before the Hon’ble Division Bench consisting of HON’BLE MR.JUSTICE M.M.SUNDRESH AND HON’BLE MRS.JUSTICE R.HEMALATHA through Video conferencing on 31.07.2020. II. HON’BLE MR.JUSTICE R.MAHADEVAN AND HON’BLE MR.JUSTICE P.D.AUDIKESAVALU will sit in a Division Bench at 2.15 P.M. on 31.07.2020 and take up the cases through Video conferencing as listed.

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