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[9/9, 13:39] The Public interest litigation filed by S.Saranya regarding regulation of online education during covid-19 situation came up before the Hon’ble Judges Hon’ble Mr.Justice M M Sundresh and Hon’ble Mrs. Justice R Hemalatha of the Madras High Court for final orders today. After hearing all the respective parties and the stakeholders patiently, The Hon’ble Judges have passed a detailed order in considering the paramount importance of the welfare of the childrens. Mr.S.Prabakaran Senior Advocate wholeheartedly welcome the judgement pronounced today by the Hon’ble Judges Mr Justice M.M.Sundaresh and Mrs Justice R.Hemalatha in protecting the interest of the children and ensuring that their education is not hindered and at the same time further ensuring that the students are not exposed to unwanted and unwarranted explicit content online. On hearing all the contentions put forth The Hon’ble Judges had extensively heard all the arguments advanced by the Learned Senior Advocate and were pleased to take note of all the contentions raised. The Hon’ble judges on considering the life of the students involved had passed a detailed and well elaborate order today taking into consideration all suggestions and recommendations put forth by the Learned Senior Advocate Shri.S. Prabakaran along with Mr. J. Ravindran and other adovcates along with Additional Solicitor General R. Sankaranarayanan and the Additional Advocate General Mrs.Narmatha sampath that were left out of the central and state guidelines amongst which some of the contentions put forth were to increase awareness between parents and schools by engaging in online interactions and to provide helpline assistance when they are in distress and to ensure special attendance criterias when students are having difficulties in accessing online and to ensure a district level committee is setup for addressing such issues and that all the schools in tamil nadu to have strict adherence towards the central and state guidelines and passed orders ensuring that “End to End Encryption” are to be duly maintained on websites that are accessible by children for online classes and to avoid online pop-up redirects regarding explicit content and further ensuring that students are not exposed to unwarranted explicit content online. The Hon’ble Judges in carefully looking into what is best in the interest of the students life have passed appropriate orders accordingly and we welcome the judgement passed by the Hon’ble Judges wholeheartedly.
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