justice. b Vineet kothari..justice cv karthikayen…Division bench good order in copy right case

[12/28, 07:51] Sekarreporter 1: [12/28, 07:48] Sekarreporter 1: [12/28, 07:46] V subramani Advt: Thanks sekar..i won this case..
[12/28, 07:47] Sekarreporter 1: 👍
[12/28, 07:50] Sekarreporter 1: : No Copyright in Title of Film HC observation That the American Courts have taken a view that the title alone of a literary work cannot be protected under the Act. Copying of title alone, and not the plot, songs, dialogue etc. is not the subject of copyright law. https://www.sekarreporter.com/no-copyright-in-title-of-film-hc-observation-that-the-american-courts-have-taken-a-view-that-the-title-alone-of-a-literary-work-cannot-be-protected-under-the-act-copying-of-title-alone-and-not-the/
[12/28, 07:55] Sekarreporter 1: [12/28, 07:54] V subramani Advt:justiceb Vineet kothari..justice cv karthikayen…Division bench
[12/28, 07:54] Sekarreporter 1: 👍👍

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