.Dgp appeal allowed # aag kumarasean argued #Sub inspector (94-95) recruitment year – appointed with 97-98 batch – seniority

[10/22, 14:28] Sekarreporter 1: https://youtu.be/LGGYBlctg78
[10/22, 14:38] Sekarreporter 1: [10/22, 12:01] Kumaresan Son: 👍👍👍👍
[10/22, 14:38] Sekarreporter 1: https://youtu.be/LGGYBlctg78
[10/22, 14:43] Sekarreporter 1: [10/22, 11:33] Sudeksha Advt Aag Kumaresan Junior: sir all the 98 candidates were not promoted… All of them participated in the 94 -95 recruitment and subsequently they were appointed only with the 97-98 SI batch and joined duty in 2000 …. They were appointed through a G.O wherein their age criteria was relaxed and the G.O stated that their seniority will be placed only below the 97-98 batch… so all these 98 candidates accepted these conditions gave an undertaking to that effect and joined duty
[10/22, 11:34] Sudeksha Advt Aag Kumaresan Junior: Now their prayer was to fix their seniority with the 94-95 batch recruits which the single bench had allowed and ordered to refix their seniority with 94-95 batch
[10/22, 11:38] Sudeksha Advt Aag Kumaresan Junior: And when the state came up with the appeal against this single bench order the main contention raised by Kumaresan sir was that though they participated in the 94-95 batch selection process they were not ultimately selected atall and subsequently they had appealed it to the then CM of TN…. And on consideration through a G.O they were given appointment
[10/22, 11:38] Sudeksha Advt Aag Kumaresan Junior: Sudeksha
[10/22, 11:41] Sudeksha Advt Aag Kumaresan Junior: they had also given an undertaking prior to their appointment in consanance with the G.O that they will not claim seniority with the 94-95 batch… finally the division bench had allowed the writ appeals preferred by the state on the main ground that they were not selected in the 94-95 batch atall and only through consideration by the government through a G.O were appointed only in 97-98 batch and so they cannot claim seniority with the 94-95 batch and dismissed the single bench order

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