Acj vineet kothri — felecitation messages send by senior advts g rajagopal, NL Raja, OM prakash, Kumar delhi sc,, bci vice chairman S prabakaran, sgp pothoraj who is sitting in 2nd court

[1/2, 08:37] Sekarreporter1:
[1/2, 08:37] Sekarreporter1: [1/2, 08:35] Sekarreporter1: Please send ur வாழ்த்.துறை for my whatsapp நேயர்களுக்கு advts please send ur thoughts regarding acj judgements and ur experience in 2nd court
[1/2, 08:35] Sekarreporter1: 🌹
[1/2, 09:12] Sekarreporter1: [1/2, 09:11] Sekarreporter1:
[1/2, 09:11] Sekarreporter1: [1/2, 09:04] Senior Advt G. rajagopal Sir: Very strong in first principles.Listen patiently.Expects court orders to be complied very strictly.Instantly pass orders.
[1/2, 09:08] Sekarreporter1: Tks sir
[1/2, 09:21] Sekarreporter1: [1/2, 09:20] Sekarreporter1:
[1/2, 09:20] Sekarreporter1: [1/2, 09:16] Om Prakas Senior Advt: A judge who would primarily listen to the Advocate and go with what is said. The judge is very quick to get to the issue and points of the case. He would analyze the situation or issues with solutions and if he finds that the case is only delaying tactics and does not have merits, would come strongly.
[1/2, 09:17] Sekarreporter1: Tks sir
[1/2, 09:21] Sekarreporter1: [1/2, 09:15] Sekarreporter1:
[1/2, 09:15] Sekarreporter1: [1/2, 09:13] Kumar Senior advt sc Delhi: With the transfer Mr.Justice.Vineet Kothari , an authority with varied experience on Corporate ,Revenue and taxation matters would be a loss to the Madras High Court and gain to Gujarat High Court.
[1/2, 09:13] Sekarreporter1: Tks sir
[1/2, 09:21] Sekarreporter1: [1/2, 09:21] Sekarreporter1:
[1/2, 09:21] Sekarreporter1: [1/2, 09:15] Senior Nl Raja Sir: Justice Vineet Kothari knew tax law and its nuances like the back of his hand and applied them justly and impartially . He has been deeply interested and involved with the heritage of this court. He took time
[1/2, 10:07] Sekarreporter1: [1/2, 10:04] Sekarreporter1:
[1/2, 10:04] Sekarreporter1: [1/2, 10:01] Senior Advt S Prabagaran: Of course a sad day, the transfer of Honble Dr. Justice Vineet Kothari. A judge with highest quality of human, great knowledge in law. Most humble judge and cordial with the bar, attends the invite promptly in his busy schedule. Either a senior or a junior listens to the advocates patiently, reads the paper fully and delivers the verdict fully in accordance with law. I was always delighted to appear before him, because the law is always appreciated and finds a equity solution. A daring voice with politer equal justice was delivered by justice Kothari. Saddened of his transfer.
[1/2, 10:02] Sekarreporter1: Tks sir
[1/2, 10:02] Sekarreporter1: ☘️☘️
[1/2, 10:18] Sekarreporter1: [1/2, 10:14] Sekarreporter1:
[1/2, 10:14] Sekarreporter1: [1/2, 10:13] Pothiraj Sgp Mhc: Justice Vineet kothari ‘s efforts made the corporation clean the marina beach regularly and through his series of orders regulated the water packaging industry, also monitored the opening of barmouth at pulicat lake , encouraged advocates and feel comfortable, as a Spl government pleader I had the best experience before his lordship
[1/2, 10:14] Sekarreporter1: ☘️☘️☘️

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