W.P.No. 28665 of 2019 A.P.Suryaprakasam,filed Corona case Cj bench ordered corporation to file counter

(Special Original Jurisdiction)

W.P.No. 28665 of 2019
A.P.Suryaprakasam, M/A -66 years,
S/o. A.Perumal,
No.179, Llyods Road,
Chennai – 600 014. ….Petitioner


1.The State of Tamilnadu
rep.by Secretary to the Government of Tamilnadu
Health Department,
Fort St.George, Chennai-600009 & another ..Respondents


I, A.P.Suryaprakasam, son of A.Perumal, Hindu, aged about 66 years, residing at C4-Lakshmi, No.179, Llyods Road, Royapettah, Chennai – 600 014, do hereby solemnly affirm and sincerely state as follows:-
2.. I am the petitioner herein and as such I am well acquainted with the facts and circumstances of the case.

3.  I submit that a new virus for Coronavirus is spreading fast not only in China but in almost all the countries in South-East Asia like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and it is openly threatening entire humanity. I submit that it is a common knowledge that SARS in 2003   which eventually  killed 777 people.  In 2009 the H1N1 (Swine Flue) infected more than 2 Billion people in six months. Subsequently, the African Ebola outbreak killed more than 11,000 people. 
4.  I submit that the world attention is now drawn to 

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Corrns. :

the Wuhan Corona, infectious disease outbreak with no vaxination or prevention options available are threatening the entire South-East Asia. This disease could potentially result in Millions of fatalities and may have many other serious consequences in social, economic Sectors.
5. I submit that even though fortunately India has not been affected, still in view of the looming danger the society has to be trained, awareness has to be created among the population particularly young children who doe’s not have huge resistance power to resist the infection. The experts in the field wanted Government to educate the community which covers from Metropolitan Cities to Villages and such community should include all public, civil society, NGO’s., Religious Organisations, Schools, Media, Private and Corporate Sector and other formal institutions.

  1. I submit that everyone in the society is living in constant danger of this deadly infection and so far the respondent or the authority is giving some confidence to the general public but as felt by the experts, it is just and necessary that authorities have to involve people participation particularly School and College going children to educate themselves as well as the illiterate population who will be affected more due to the unhygienic condition and if that deadly disease starts spreading it will spread like wild fire in view of the thick habitation in the Urban Cities in Tamilnadu. Further, the locked down Cities of China is facing non-availability of huge essential products supply including food items. It is unfortunate that the people returning to Tamilnadu from Corona virus affected areas of Asia are not being properly segregated and follow up medical inspection is not being
    taken to find out whether they are exposed to the deadly corona virus. As experts feel that it is a silent killer and symptoms may not be known till it fully blossoms and affect the patient, there is no way to prevent or isolate people from the affected persons. Hence, it is just and necessary that this Hon’ble Court may be pleased to direct the respondents to submit an action taken report in this regard and further direct the authorities to constitute an expert committee consisting of all the Secretaries including health, public safety, Transport and Civil Supplies along with all the District Collectors of Tamilnadu headed by the Chief Secretary to Tamilnadu Government may be urgently formed to assure the people that all is under control and there is no need for panic and pass such further or other orders as this Hon’ble Court may deem fit and proper in the circumstances of the case and thus render justice.

Solemnly affirmed at Chennai on }
this the 11th day of February 2020 } Before me.
and signed his name in my }
presence. }
Advocate, Chennai,
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