Rubt mhc advt Nakeeran Tamil Magazine sneaked

[4/28, 13:31] Sekarreporter:
[5/1, 13:56] Sekarreporter: [5/1, 13:33] Rubt Three: Jaggi Vasudev & his Isha Foundation in its bud Nakeeran Tamil Magazine sneaked into Sivarathiri Night Jam Session in its small campus and took snaps of what the night about all and brought out an issue with the cover story of Vasu’s Sivarathiri night show and exposed the real things that happen on Maha Sivarathiri Isha. Vasu planted his men to get a Permanent Injunction from MHC against Nakeeran Tamil Magazine not to publish anything about Isha activities in the magazine by it’s Chieftain Gopal. During the summer vacation it was moved and injunction granted with notice returnable by 4 weeks. Nakeeran Gopal engaged me to vacate the injunction. After the summer vacation was over the vacate injunction was filed and number of photos were produced before Justice David Christian and he was stunned to see those photos and asked me have I furnished the copies of those photos to Plaintiff’s Counsel I said am having it to furnish and the Judge said 1st handed over the bunch of photos. The Counsel was taken a back when he saw those photos and the Judge asked Senior Counsel what do you say for the photos? Is it a religious event or any other thing in the name of religion? Nothing was there to be said by the Counsel since the write that was published corroborated with those photos. The Counsel with his usual smile said I leave it to Your Lordship. The Judge vacated the Injunction and subsequently the suit was withdrawn.
[5/1, 13:56] Sekarreporter: 🙏🏽🌹🌹

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