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Read: Opposition parties are misleading the public about CAA, NPR, says Rajinikanth

The RMM, which came into being in 2018 is a launch vehicle for the actor’s political party.

The actor said he was ‘disappointed’ over a particular thing during his interaction with functionaries of Rajini Makkal Mandram.

He, however, declined to specify what his disappointment was. The top star, who is expected to foray into politics, said he recently told a delegation of Muslim religious leaders to hold a dialogue with the Centre over their concerns on the CAA and NPR and assured his support in their effort.

Chairing a meeting of RMM district secretaries to discuss the launch of his political party and the work that has already been done in this connection, Mr. Rajinikanth said he answered lots of questions from the functionaries.

Asked when he will launch his political party, he told reporters: “Only to discuss about all such things, I met the district secretaries after a year. There were lots of questions and I answered them.

“We exchanged views on many things. They were all very much satisfied. But on a matter, I did not have much satisfaction. It was only a disappointment. I don’t like to reveal what it is. I will tell you when the time comes.”

Asked if his disappointment was a political disappointment or one related to the present political ecosystem, he said: “It is a personal (at the individual level) disappointment.”

Even as the actor was answering the question following the interaction, his fans could be heard loudly asking when he was going to launch the party.

‘Pleasant meet’

He described his recent meeting with Muslim religious leaders as “a very pleasant meet”, and said they underscored that brotherhood, love and peace should prevail in the country.

“They said they are ready to do all it takes for peace and wanted my support. I said definitely I will be with them in their effort,” he said.

The actor said he wanted the religious leaders, “not politicians,” to hold consultations on their apprehensions over the CAA and the NPR and then meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shan.

Mr. Rajinikanth said he assured his support to Muslim leaders over efforts to have talks with the Centre and added that it will be a good course of action.

To a question on the possibility of him joining hands with his actor-politician Kamal Haasan, he said: “Only time will give an answer.”

Asked about the growth of the Mandram’s activities and interactions, the actor said it cannot be divulged.

On the ‘disappointment’ remark by the actor, political commentator Sumanth C Raman said, “it is very difficult to keep on prolonging the element of suspense,” hinting at the actor’s political entry expected by his fans for about 20 years.

Rajini Makakl Mandram was launched on January 1, 2018 immediately following the actor’s announcement that his political entry was a certainty.

Mr. Rajinikanth had announced that he will launch his political party ahead of the 2021 Assembly elections.

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