Murasoli trust case mhc judge CV Karthikeyan passed interim order

The Murasoli Trust has filed WP No. 35 of 2020 challenging the jurisdiction of the National Commission for Scheduled Caste to hear the complaint of the BJP State Secretary Mr. Srinivasan alleging that Murasoli pathipagam is constructed on panchami land
The NCSC had issued summons to Mr. M.K. Stalin, President, DMK to appear in person at delhi.
Mr P Wilson senior advocate appeared on behalf of Murasoli Trust. The matter came up for hearing before Hon’ble Mr. Justice C.V. Karthikeyan. He submitted that the NCSC does not have jurisdiction to hear matters pertaining to title of properties. He also argued that the vice chairman of the commission Mr. Murugan is politically biased since he has close ties with a political party, which continues to stick posters, banners, advertisements etc for the said Mr Murugan. He stated that despite Mr RS Bharati Trustee appearing in person and explaining that the tribunal does not have jurisdiction to hear such matters, Mr Murugan is continuing to abuse his office and issue summons to the DMK president to appear in person.
Mr Wilson also submitted that the trust is only a tenant and the owner has validly purchased the land. The owner of the land is Anjugam Pathipagam and the title can be traced back to more than 70 years. In fact even a patta has been issued to anjugam pathipagam and even the revenue department has accepted the title of Anjugam Pathipagam.
Accepting the contentions of the ld Senior Counsel the Hon’ble Court directed as follows:

  1. The personal appearance of Mr MK Stalin is dispensed with. Any representative of the trust can represent
  2. The murasoli trust need not furnish copies of its title deeds, only an index is sufficient
  3. Mr Murugan cannot be involved in these proceedings since prima facie case has been made out . The commission must nominate some other person to continue proceedings and file counter

The case has now been adjourned to 21.01.2020
[1/2, 17:36] +91 99400 47853: 4. No final orders can be passed in this case without further orders from this Hon’ble Court

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