Mhc rubt advt court experience story super

[4/13, 13:30] Rubt Three: In the matter of Consumer Protection Act Justice Kadhar dismissed all petitions to set aside the ex parte order and this was challenged before MHC by leading law firms Senior Advocates and Advocates. I also faced similar situation and was working out on it to challenge and my Juniour currently District Judge brought some copies of the grounds of challenge but I was not impressed with those grounds and told him may not stand and lets challenge it on different grounds. I was the last person to fie it. The matter came up for final disposal before Justice D. Raju and told other petitioners Counsel he would take up my case first for hearing as he found I have raised substantial questions of law and Advocates who intend to adopt my arguments could do it or else argue your points. All adopted my argument except an Advocate and things went wrong in argument and the Judge posted the matter before CJ to be posted before some other Bench and the case came before Late Justice Pratap Singh and he also expressed the same way Justice Raju and after hearing me and all adopting my arguments he reserved judgment and thereafter allowed the batch of cases. It was a really thrilling day for me and my Juniour to get such an order.
[4/13, 17:59] Sekarreporter 1: 🌹🌹

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