Family court bit news

[5/10, 13:39] Sekarreporter: Maintenance – Mere fact that wife is earning does not absolve him end of his responsibility to maintain his three minor daughters. (Delhi)
[5/10, 13:39] Sekarreporter: Conduct of husband in leveling scandalous and malicious allegations of adultery against wife amounts to cruelty. (Punjab and Haryana)(DB)
[5/10, 13:40] Sekarreporter: Divorce by mutual consent – Appeal on ground of fraud – Decree has to be challenged in a civil suit by leading evidence – Facts cannot be determined by court hearing appeal. (Punjab and Haryana)
[5/10, 13:40] Sekarreporter: Cruelty – Mere demand of money or property, unaccompanied by any harassment does not fall within mischief of Section 498-A Indian Penal Code. (Bombay)

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