Dr. V. Suresh and D. Nagasaila, Advocates.zoom meeting

[5/20, 14:02] Sekarreporter 1: https://youtu.be/DrQUovK8lNc
[5/20, 14:39] Sekarreporter 1: “Bring Home the Constitution” – Lecture 5 – Right to Life and related provisions.

Today, Saturday, 20th May, 2020 between 800 to 1000pm.

By Dr. V. Suresh and D. Nagasaila, Advocates.

Please join at:

Pl watch. Pl share with other advocates, students, activists, concerned citizens.

The first 4 lectures are in Koodam channel on YouTube. On Preamble, Rights to Equality, Right to Free Speech, Right to Assembly.

Today’s is the 5th lecture of 10 part series.

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