A. Nazir Ahamed) Member Secretary/District Judge.




The Hon’ble Senior Most Judge of Supreme Court of India/Executive Chairman of National Legal Services Authority has directed to hold National Lok Adalats on 2nd Saturdays of March, May, August, November during the year 2022. As per the directions of NALSA, 2nd National Lok Adalat is to be held on 26.06.2022 on all subjects matters instead of the month of May.

Following types of cases (Pre-litigation and Pending) are to be taken up in the ensuing National Lok Adalat.

Pre Litigation:

  1. NI Act cases under Section 138;
  2. Money Recovery cases;
  3. Labour disputes cases;
  4. Electricity and Water Bills (excluding non-compoundable)
  5. Maintenance Cases;
  6. Others (Criminal Compoundable, Matrimonial and other Civil disputes)

Pending in the Courts (Which are reflected on National Judicial Data Grid)


  1. Criminal Compoundable Offence
  2. NI Act cases under Section 138;
  3. Money Recovery cases;
  4. MACT cases;
  5. Labour disputes cases;
  6. Electricity and Water Bills (excluding non compoundable)
  7. Matrimonial disputes (except divorce);
  8. Land Acquisition cases;
  9. Service matters relating to pay and allowances and retiral benefits;
  10. Revenue cases (pending in District Courts and High Courts only);
  11. Other civil cases (rent, easmentary rights, injunction suits, specific performance suits) etc.


As approved by Hon’ble the Chief Justice, High Court, Madras/Patron-in-Chief of TNSLSA, and as ordered by His Lordship Hon’ble Mr. Justice M. Duraiswamy, Judge, High Court, Madras/Executive Chairman of TNSLSA, this Authority has directed all the Legal Services Institutions across the State to hold National Lok Adalat on 26.06.2022 (Sunday).

This Authority has made arrangements to facilitate amicable settlement between the parties.



High Court Legal Services Committee at Chennai has constituted 7 benches at the Principal Seat of High Court at Madras and High Court Legal Services Committee, Madurai has constituted  3 benches at Madurai Bench of Madras High Court at Madurai.

In all the District Legal Services Authorities and Taluk Legal Services Committees across the State  401 benches were constituted.

In total,  411 benches were constituted in Tamil Nadu for the National Lok Adalat to be held on 26.06.2022.

Totally, 1,60,885 cases are to be taken up for amicable settlement (1,18,082 Pending cases and 42,803 Pre-Litigation matters).



                                                                                                              (A. Nazir Ahamed)

Member Secretary/District Judge

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