[4/16, 17:25] Chandrasekar Mhc Advt: Today tips for judicial exams: What is the Role of police during Identification parade ? The police shall not be present or interfere during the identification parade since The presence of the police officer mitigates the evidentiary value of the Test identification By.CHANDRU LAW ACADEMY 🌹 [4/16, 17:25] Chandrasekar Mhc Advt: CHANDRU LAW ACADEMY INVITING YOU TODAY FOR THE JUDICIAL COACHING Subject:THE INDIAN EVIDENCE ACT 1872 Timing :06:00 PM – 06:39PM, Thu Date:16 Apr 2020 Organised by : Advocate Anjuman 9865069966 is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: THE INDIAN EVIDENCE ACT 1872 , section 9 (Identification parade) and chapter 1X of indian evidence act 1872 LECTURE BY ADVOCATE R CHANDRASEKARAN I D AND PASSWORD WILL BE SENT TO THE REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS AND TO THE PARTICIPANTS WHO HAVE ALREADY REGISTERED FOR REGISTRATION CONTACT 9003116090

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